eric roy consulting is the trading name for Eric Roy when providing high-value web design services.

Breadth of experience

Eric has over 40 years experience in Information Technology, across a broad range of software and service organisations. He now devotes his time to personal service of a small number of clients. This enables a close working relationship that can provide effective solutions for clients and job satisfaction for provider.

Specialist skills

Eric designs and publishes web sites for local councils, churches, charities and small businesses. He uses skills developed over the last twenty years of providing web solutions.

Eric has a good grasp of written English, graphic design skills and the technology involved in web design and publication. This all means that Eric has the experience, knowledge and skills to provide the solution you need.

Personal values you will appreciate

Eric understands and follows technology trends. BUT, he appreciates that organisations are less interested in the technology than the value a solution adds to their operations.

Eric’s aim is to provide web designs that both he and you will be proud of as a result of personal contact and commitment.

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