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For illustrative purposes, the example sites shown here are drawn from different organisation types.

How your web site looks and works might be very different from the examples shown here. It would depend on what you need. We discover thatĀ  by our initial fact-finding meeting.


Abbots Bromley Village Web Pages

Abbots Bromley iconAbbots Bromley web pagesAbbots Bromley web pages

The first version of these village pages was published in 2001. The most recent re-design was in 2013. Pages are formatted for PC or mobile as required by the viewing device.
Visit abbotsbromley.com

Goldstraw Interiors

Goldstraw Interiors iconGoldstraw Interiors web pagesGoldstraw Interiors web pages

We first created web pages for Goldstraw Interiors in May 2005. The pagesĀ  have evolved as the business has developed. For example, extra “landing pages” have been added aimed at specific areas of business.
Visit goldstraw-interiors.co.uk

Rugeley Community Centre

Rugeley Community Centre iconRugeley Community Centre web pagesRugeley Community Centre web pages

These web pages were created early in 2016 when management of the Centre transferred from Staffordshire County Council to Rugeley Community Church.
Visit rugeley-community-centre.org.uk